Cambridge English Learner’s Dictionary


This last year I have been working on translation in class so apart from my dictionary, I have been using quite a lot Online Dictionaries.  As it is typical and everybody uses,  I often look up words  in the Online WordReference Dictionary but  due to the difficulties I sometimes have because of the different meanings a word has I have been working on with other Online Dictionaries such as Cambridge Dictionary.

Now, I will show some examples of what this online dictionary can offer us and how does the it work:

Verb: LOOK


Preposition: WITH

Adjective: LOVELY

As we can see, this dictionary gives you the option of choosing the exact meaning of the word you are looking for. Most of the words shown in this draft have more than one meaning, so Cambridge’s Dictionary gives you the option to make the research as good as possible.


Besides, mention that it is a monolingual dictionary and that only provides definitions or some fixed expressions with examples of the word. It also give us the option of hearing the word that we have choosen in both British English and American English with the phonetical write. This coud be very useful because in some words, the pronunciation chage complitely.

Furthermore, this online dictionary also offers a new tool called Visual Thesaurus.  This is an interactive tool that allows you to discover the connections between words in a visually captivating display.

Noun: LOVE

Adjective: GOOD

Moreover, this online dictionary also offers a English language teaching service in  were you can inform about Cambridge University’s english courses together with all the material the company has edited.

Finally, it should be worth pointing out that Cambridge Online English Dictionary also offers: A tool called “ Word Of The Day” were we can find a different  new word with its definition each day. Todays word:

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