This corpus is created by Mark Davies (a professor of Corpus Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Brigham Young University and from 1992-2003, he was a professor of Spanish Linguistics at Illinois State University).

This website will allow us to search among more than 100 million words from more than 20,000 Spanish-language texts of the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries in a quick and easy way.The interface allows you to search in different ways: exact words or phrases, wild cards, labels, slogans, grammatical category or any other combination not written before.

When searching a word, is very easy. We just have to write the word in the gap and in a matter of seconds would appear all the things related and containig  that word. Here we have the example with the word woman:

The corpus also allows you to easily limit searches by frequency and compare the frequency of words, phrases, and grammatical constructions, in at least two main ways:

  • By register: comparisons between spoken, fiction, newspaper, and academic
  • By historical period: compare different centuries from the 1200s to the 1900s


Furthermore mention that we can also easily carry out semantically- based queries of the corpus. For example, you can compare and contrast the collocates of two related words, to determine the difference in meaning between these words.  We can find the frequency and distribution of synonyms for nearly 30,000 words and also compare their  frequency in different registers and historical periods, and use these word lists as part of other queries.

Finally add that we can easily create our own list  of semantically-related words, and then use them directly as part of the query. “User lists” or “customized lists” are word lists that we create, relating to a certain topic , words that are grammatically related or any other listing that we might want.  

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