….About CiteULike….

21 10 2009

As in the official site says, citeulike is a free service for managing and discovering scholarly references.  Now, more or less, there are 3,133,552 articles in this site.   It is described as an easily store references you find online, where  you can discover new articles and resources, share references with your peers, find out who’s reading what you’re reading and store and search your PDFs.

CiteULike is a free online service in which are organized academic publications.  CiteULike was created  around the last part of the year 2004 and continued developing  for 2 more years becoming the first Web-based social bookmarking tool designed specially for to help scientists, researchers and academic stores.  The site is based in the UK.  The service is free and it is run independently of any particular publisher with a liberal privacy policy. CiteULike has gained a significant audience in the academic community.

Through helping users keep track of their own bibliographies, this page, creates an environment that facilitates sharing academic resources.  The basic functionality of the tool is simple: when researchers sees a paper on the Web that interest them, they can click a button and have a link to it added to their personal library.  

CiteULike works because it is very useful for every user. It automates a repetitive bibliographic management task and it offers a complimentary alternative to search engines and databases of academic literature through socially mediated retrieval and discovery of papers.









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