21 04 2008
There are lots of definitions about “Human Language Technologies”.Here we have two of them. These definitions have been done by scholars .
As Meraka Institute said: “Human Language Technology (HLT) makes it easier for people to interact with machines. This can benefit a wide range of people – from illiterate farmers in remote villages who want to obtain relevant medical information over a cellphone, to scientists in state-of-the-art laboratories who want to focus on problem-solving with computers.”

The second definition is given by Hans Uszkoreit: “Language technology — sometimes also referred to as human language technology — comprises computational methods, computer programs and electronic devices that are specialized for analyzing, producing or modifying texts and speech. These systems must be based on some knowledge of human language. Therefore language technology defines the engineering branch of computational linguistics”.

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http://www.dfki.de/lt/lt-general.php (12/03/08 ) 19.20

http://www.meraka.org.za/humanLanguage.htm (12/04/08 ) 11:30





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