11 02 2008

How Is XML Defined?

XML is defined by a number of related specifications:


XML Development Goals

  1. It shall be straightforward to use XML over the Internet. Users must be able to view XML documents as quickly and easily as HTML documents.
  2. XML shall support a wide variety of applications. XML should be beneficial to a wide variety of diverse applications: authoring, browsing, content analysis, etc.
  3. XML shall be compatible with SGML. Most of the people involved in the XML effort come from organizations that have a large, in some cases staggering, amount of material in SGML.
  4. It shall be easy to write programs that process XML documents.
  5. The number of optional features in XML is to be kept to an absolute minimum, ideally zero. Optional features inevitably raise compatibility problems when users want to share documents and sometimes lead to confusion and frustration.
  6. XML documents should be human-legible and reasonably clear.
  7. The XML design should be prepared quickly.
  8. The design of XML shall be formal and concise.
  9. XML documents shall be easy to create. In the interim, it must be possible to create XML documents in other ways: directly in a text editor, with simple shell and Perl scripts, etc.
  10. Terseness in XML markup is of minimal importance. Several SGML language features were designed to minimize the amount of typing required to manually key in SGML documents.


http://www.tejedoresdelweb.com/307/article-1868.html    Retrieved: February 8, 2008.





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