25 11 2007

An e-book (electronic book) is a digital device that has the same purpose than the convencional books, but it includes accesories which you can not enjoy with the printed ones.
What are the advantages of a digital book?
First of all, the possibility of achieving a comfortable and enjoyable reading where you can also carry an entire library contained there in. Different models of e-Book have been skilled to facilitate this activity: they are portable, and they have developed so much that nowadays they are similar in size and shape to the convencional books.
Their various applications allow you to perform multiple functions such as:

  • Search text throughout the book.
  • You have a system of menus to mark pages, underline and adjust the size of the words or its presentation.
  • Add notes.
  • Store a large number of works. (from 4000 to 100000 pages).
  • Moving from one page to another just by giving a click or through a words locator.

Unfortunately there are also some disadvantages:

  • Less control over standards. The publishing process of the normal books is hard, so it produces qualified products.
  • Less control over author’s rights.
  • They are shightly harder to read.

How to save an e-book
The electronic books can be read directly from the computer or be unloaded on the same one. In both cases, he will need to have installed someone of the following programs: “Microsoft Reader” or “Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader”.

  • If the books in the way of ” MS Reader ” are not loaded with automatic form on having punctured on them, the book comes out into the computer with the straight button of the mouse by the option ” Guardar destino como “. You have to locate the file on the hard disk and open it with a double click.
  • On the other hand, the books in the way of PDF are visualized by fault with the “Acrobat Reader”. If what you wish is to incorporate the book into your library “eBook”, continue like with the books in format ” MS Reader ” and download it on the hard disk. Later, open the book from the Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader






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